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Winning an Investors Choice Award is a massive achievement for any business. It’s a powerful statement of the quality, service and value that you can use to gain new and repeat business. Being able to proudly show you have an Investors Choice Award for being the most highly regarded in your state in your area of expertise will give you a significant competitive advantage over your competition.

Q: How do I give myself a chance of winning an Investors Choice Award?

A: Get your clients to vote for you.

Q: How do I get my clients to vote for me?

A: Ask them.

Happy clients are normally happy to give referrals and testimonials. They’ve probably been doing it to their friends and family already! Simply asking them to vote for you in the Investors Choice Award may be all it takes for them to give you a great score.

We’ve provided some ideas below that you can use to encourage your clients to vote for you, or you could just use your own or a combination.

And remember, you don’t have to ask your clients just once. You can ask multiple times in multiple ways.

  • EDM – send a message directly to your clients asking them to vote for you in a specific category. You can download the HTML files here to use or of course, make your own.
  • Newsletter update – do you send a regular newsletter to clients? Put in a news story about the Investors Choice Awards and ask them to vote for you.
  • Email signature – having a message in every email you send it a great way to remind people the awards are running and that you’d really value their vote. You can download the image file here to use or of course, make your own.
  • Facebook or Twitter – ask your followers on social media to vote for you. You can put your own message or promotional graphic out there or use the one we’ve put together here.
  • So that your customers get access to the survey, don’t forget to link any of the above jpeg files to the following webpage: