Vote for your preferred property investment professional across any of the following categories. Should the business or individual fit within a number of categories please complete a vote in each one.

Investors Choice – Accountant

Accountants provide essential advice on structures and vehicles for a property investor’s purchase. Getting this right from the outset can avoid a lot of inconvenience and stress later down the track. A good accountant will also help ensure an investor has maximum flexibility in their property portfolio while also optimising their tax position. 

Investors Choice – Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers will source the very best investment loans for their clients. With comprehensive knowledge of lenders and the application process they can speed the approval of a loan. A good mortgage broker can help an investor secure finance to expand their portfolio when a direct approach to a lender may be turned down. 

Investors Choice – Property Investment Adviser

A property investment adviser will help an investor plan their entire investment strategy, whether that means a single property or a multi-property portfolio. Advisers can help investors avoid the commonest mistakes and pitfalls of property investment, allowing them to get the very best results. Most often a property investment adviser will charge a fee for service or advice. 

Investors Choice – Property Manager

Property managers will look after an investor’s property once the purchase is complete. They can protect both landlord and tenant by being up to date with the latest legislation. A good property manager will ensure that an investor’s property is maximising its earning potential at all times.

Investors Choice – Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent works exclusively for the property investor in helping them with the purchase process. Buyer’s agents are experts in sourcing, negotiating and purchasing properties, allowing investors to shortlist suitable properties effectively. A buyer’s agent gives property investors the edge in securing the best properties at the best prices.

Investors Choice – Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents work exclusively for the vendor and look to get the best deal for their client. They have expert knowledge of their local markets and the direction in which prices are moving – and can be essential to any successful investor looking to sell their properties for the maximum return. However, the best deal isn’t always the highest price and a close relationship with a real estate agent can help secure a great investment opportunity now, and in the future.

Investors Choice – SMSF Adviser

SMSF advisers are accountants and/or financial planners who set up, administer, ensure compliance for, and advise on, trustees’ SMSFs. A good SMSF adviser will help grow their client’s SMSF portfolio through strategic property investments that sit in their SMSF and ensure they remain compliant with the ever-changing laws in this sector.

Investors Choice – Financial Adviser

Financial advisers are professionals qualified and licensed to sell financial products and services and to provide investment advice. A good financial adviser will allow an investor to grow a balanced portfolio that supports and complements their property investments.

Investors Choice – Property Educator/Mentor

Educators and mentors share and teach strategies, insights and knowledge of fundamentals about property investment. Rather than selling or recommending properties, an educator or mentor will help equip you with the skills to be a more effective investor. These are the most important tools with which an investor can equip themselves. Having the right knowledge allows investors to ask the right questions, to get the right answers – to make the best investment decisions for them.

Investors Choice – Conveyancer

Conveyancers manage the transfer of property ownership from seller to buyer. An oversight or error in legal process or documentation can cause a delay in settlement or allow a termination of the sales contract altogether. A good conveyancer will ensure an investor’s rights are protected and their interests and legal obligations met.

Investors Choice – Depreciation Specialist

Depreciation specialists identify all facets of an investor’s property that can be lodged as tax deductions. Tax depreciation is a complex tax issue and a specialist can ensure an investor claims all their entitlements. By claiming depreciation, investors can sometimes turn negative cash flow positions into positive ones.

Investors Choice – Pest and Building Inspector

Pest and building inspectors examine a property, looking for structural problems and signs of infestation. An inspector’s role is vital in giving a property investor an accurate view of the whole property and any existing or emergent issues. An accurate and comprehensive report provides investors with a valuable negotiating tool and the chance to avoid a lemon altogether.